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Experience TAKE A MINUTE® (TAM) SELF-CARE EXERCISES—guided by Zuleikha, award-winning international educator, performer & facilitator. Have more energy, be more focused and relaxed, experience uplifted moods and a melting away of tension. TAM Self-Care Exercises—one-minute revolutionary resets that prioritize the most fundamental of relationships—mind and body.

"Any time you feel drained, bent over, or worried, you can re-set, relieve and refresh with the TAKE A MINUTE® Self Care Exercises. This little effort clears the mind and refreshes the system. A fresh start. And guess what? You can do this for yourself over and over again, throughout the day." —Zuleikha, creator of TAKE A MINUTE®

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What people are are saying about TAKE A MINUTE®

“These are simple movements that are relieving and empowering. I’m convinced it works and is amazing!” —Staff, Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families, Santa Fe, NM

“When Zuleikha comes into a meeting and leads just a one-minute [TAKE A MINUTE®] exercise, people become more engaged and more creative, and there’s an uplifted feeling. It’s amazing.” —Eileen Fisher, Eileen Fisher Inc, New York City

"The exercise made me feel much better within a short amount of time...the pain in my neck, and tingly sensation in my legs are now gone.” —Nationwide Survey Participant